Lakeside Bike Tour – An Excerpt From An Adventurer’s Journal

“Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this, a Lakeside Bike Tour. Most people go a lifetime, without such special moments.

I’m standing at the top of Gwasi Hills with the waterfall rumbling away beside me, and the expansive view of Lake Victoria before me. All to myself. I feel the hot yet smooth rock on my bum and barefoot. I have just had a shower sitting under the cold pouring waterfall and now the breeze sooths my skin, quite a relief from the hot sun we have been cycling in. It is not always that you find yourself deep in Mother Nature’s heart like this with nothing but beautiful vistas. Colorful butterflies flap their wings creating a rainbow of colors before my eyes. Unseen insects chirp deep in the grass and bushes creating a whole new tune along with the waterfall’s. My thoughts drift away for a moment. Drowned in the wonder around me.

How can I keep this moment forever etched in my memory? How do I carry it with me back to the chaos of city life?

So I close my eyes and empty my mind. I need the past gone so this new experience can become a long lasting memory. I clear enough space to safely tuck this precious moment in time. I will sure need this raw tune of nature. Unedited. Uncorrupted. It’s all mine in its original sounds and sights I see. A photographic memory of the distant blue lake, check! Of the clear water in the stream flowing before my feet, check! Of the greenery in the farms and the hillside, check!! All the great vibes sunk in.

So if by any chance you see me rather withdrawn and silent in the middle of life’s craziness, know that I’m replaying this moment in my mind. Over and over till I come back here.”
– An excerpt from my journal written on site – Gwasi Hills, Homa Bay County. Have a feel of what our Lead Adventurer felt with the upcoming Lakeside Bike Tour.

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Rakesh Young
A wandering photostorycyclist with a poetic incline. The Founder and Lead Adventurer at Baiskeli Adventures. I believe in transforming lives through passion, experiences, love and laughter....and cycling! :)


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